? Marc Jacobs’ NYFW Show Thinks It Nailed Hip Hop Culture…But Did It⁉️

Last season, Marc Jacobs was slammed when he donned his predominantly white models in fake dreads in his fashion week show, and this season he appeared to not have been shaken by the controversy since he set out to again weave hip hop culture into his Fall 2017 clothing line.

The hip-hop inspired show, that started promptly at 2 pm after a brief warning that consisted of only the models stomping their chunky heels on the ground, and featured no music, lasted a whopping 8-minutes. Held right on the sidewalk outside of the Lexington Armory where seating was made up of folding chairs.

The clothing was mostly muted neutral colors with wacky hats, big gold chain accessories, hobo bags, and flashy colorful earrings. Most of the lines, outwear was plaid or of course neutral some with faux fur or shearling detailing.

Marc is no stranger to being dragged by Black Twitter, as you might remember back in 2015 when he claimed to have been inspired to style his models in Bantu Knots by Bjork and not black people (as if!).

As a person who is pretty well versed in Hip Hop Culture (and Marc Jacobs), I must say his fall line was extremely underwhelming.

What did you think of his line? Are there any pieces you would rock? Comment and tell us what you thought!

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