?New Music: Howie Dodat ‘Streets So Cold’‼️

A Nula Entertainment New Artist

Howie Dodat is a Haitian rapper hailing from Spring Valley, New York or as the rapper and his squad call it, “The Home of the Vagabonds.”  Always a lover of music Howie has been tinkering around with freestyling and songwriting since 2011. His first studio session would help him realize his love to create music and set him out on a certain path to fame. With hard work and non-stop focus, it did not take long for the rapper to assemble a track list of over 30 songs. Soon after, he began to share his music by showcasing his records first to his friends and now to his growing fan base. The initial response to his talent was major and Howie is only getting better.

 “That sticks and stones line we hear as kids is not true, words can do a lot. When you rhyme to a beat and melody, those words can hit people a whole different way and strike different emotions. Rapping allows me to express myself and bring my thoughts to life.”

Check out his latest banger 'Streets So Cold"!

Look out for more Summer heat from Howie, who is set to release "Nu Death Row" mixtape July 21st on Nula Entertainment.

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