Artist 44 Roc Drops New Single Luxury Tax!

We sat and spoke with the one and only 44Roc! He's definitely making his mark in the music industry and is creating a new wave of music that will most definitely put him in the spotlight! Listen to our exclusive interview courtesy of #Eyelashvizion (Shante and Mimi) Agency!

A mecca of creativity, evolution and industrialism, Detroit, MI has given birth to some of the countries
greatest achievements including Motown Records, General Motors, and Eminem. Nicknamed ‘The
Motor City’, Detroit’s light seemed to have dulled after the car industry begin to decline. But brave,
fluid voices in Hip Hop refused to let the city’s flame go out. One of those young voices, infused with
vivid lyricism and a charismatic flow is rapper-singer 44 Roc.
Born Des Walker, 44 Roc grew up on Detroit’s 7 Mile, an area notorious for violence and crime. His
hardships and experiences in one of the roughest neighborhood’s in the city molded him into the
creative he would soon become. Music was a driving force within the young artist early on, with
influences like 2Pac, Eminem and Michael Jackson feeding his passion from the safety of his boom

But music couldn’t erase the reality of his surroundings and at 15, luck shifted in 44 Roc’s favor after
he was chosen for a modelling opportunity in Atlanta. The opportunity was the beginning of forever
for the young musician.
Driven by individuality, originality, and the continuous pursuit of his own unique style, 44 Roc has
been blessed to work with artists such as Lynn Tatae, Level Dinero and Vee Wiz. Determined to
remain versatile at all cost while staying true to himself, 44 Roc catches a high from his music; drifting
into alternate realities with each track, unsure of the wave but confident that he can catch it!
With his eye set on releasing a steady stream of consumer-driven content, beginning with his
upcoming EP Luxury Tax, and consistently producing authentic records and visuals that catapult his
brand onto the mainstream, 44 Roc remains in hot pursuit of success. Compared to artists like Drake,
Bryson Tiller and Big Sean, this Motor City bred, genre defying voice redefines Detroit swag as his
career boils to the top and overflows.
Blending the sultry salaciousness of R&B with the saucy millennial, Hip Hop grandeur listeners and
fans love, 44 Roc heads down a path rarely travel but worth more than gold. But with a legion of
musical greats from his hometown opening doors before him, the emcee’s capacity for greatness is
everything but impossible.

Listen to Luxury Tax Here!

Follow him on all social media at @44SmooveRoc

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