Artist To Watch: Drama B

Written by Janelle Glenn

I know you all have been waiting for an exclusive album you can bump from beginning to end. Well Drama B has a treat for all of you who loves R&B music.

In the beginning of Drama B “Recovery” album he lets it be known that he’s a real dude. Switching up on folks isn’t apart of his character. He doesn’t think it’s right to only be real when its beneficial. Love should be genuinely given in his eyes at all times. What frustrates him the most, is the lack of loyalty our people have today. To many folks would rather replace you with someone else rather than build a solid relationship with you. Although this has become a new trend, Drama B refuses to develop these fake traits.

This young creative artist also vents about his spouse breaking his heart, trying to line him up with lies, after showing her nothing but real love and affection. Drama B took great care of her and brought her numerous gifts from Tiffany’s. He never wasted anytime cheating on her, but wishes he did now that she has done him wrong.

As he heals from those past wounds, this amazing singer decided to open up his heart to another female. Getting to know her was Drama B’s first priority. Having drinks, discussing the fine a things in life, finding out her goals, helping her heal from her heartbreaks, and providing the things she needs, was more important to him before having sex with her. After building with her for so long, they eventually got busy with each other. Drama B let it be known that she felt like morphine. I know all you men and woman out there would love to know what that feels like if you haven’t already.

Furthermore, this upcoming R&B artist goes on to speak about turning up in the club with his lady. Every now and again he needs that love she can deliver on the dance floor too, with a few drinks in his cup. Even though Drama B loves spending time with his girl, he informed her about his team she has to watch out for. When it comes to business, being focused is key. Getting to that green is a must and he can not allow anyone to distract him. He ends off the album letting his fans know how he copes with his problems, while remaining young forever.

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Written by Kash Jones

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