Award Winning Timbaland and Multi Talented La La Anthony, together!

The Two Media Moguls Announce Their NYC Set Show Together.

timbaland-la-la-anthonyRadio Personality to Reality star on LaLa’s Full Court Life, whatever the facet of entertainment she has dominated it and left a pretty nice impression of the game behind her.   Moving up towards roles of a higher capacity, the star will be producing her first television show with award winning producer, Timbaland.

She mentioned in an interview a couple years back that she wanted to get into it.  She loved being able to control more than just how her lines get delivered.  The ins and outs of the entire production become her wonderland along with the musical mastermind.  
“La La and Timbaland are perfect examples David George 2of what can be achieved when talent, determination and creativity collide with entrepreneurship.  We’re thrilled to be in business with these two entertainment innovators to create a series that uncovers a unique, rarified faction of hip hop and provides a true soundtrack for the unpredictable journey toward fame and fortune.” said David George, Leftfield Entertainment CEO .

2633_dcnrda5kznGoal Diggers”  is the title and with a name like that, there mist be stars to hold up its integrity.  Some of the major cast includes, Drake’s rumored ex-frilfriend, Bernice Burgos, Celebrity DJ and Circo Girl, Kayra Chaos, and the muse of recording artist, Tyga’s, most recent video, Amina Blue.  It will be based off of a well-mown agency, FaceTime, that drafts women for major artist videos and fashion/hip hop enthused events.  Some of their clients include Drake, Kanye West, Robin Thicke and more.  The storyline will be set in NYC, but who knows where we will end up with extranagavnt creators like Anthony and Timbaland pulling the strings.