Blac Youngsta Titles His Upcoming Album “New Guwop”. Is this beef ?

img_7053The sides that rap beef are taking are becoming hard to keep up with.  There was infamous beef between Yo Gotti (King of Memphis) and Gucci Mane (King of Atlanta) back in the days and now it seems like there may be a new Memphis VS Atlanta furs very soon. They squashed the beef a while ago and have even been featured on song a together since then as well. Lo and Behild though, Blac Youngsta dropped the cover art for his upcoming album and its titled "New Guwop".  

img_7045Yes, granted that the word Guwop has many meanings in the rap industry, including money, guns, and drugs, and probably another slang meaning in other hoods.  At first glance you would not want to believe that someone would openly start beef with Gucci Mane especially after his recent release from a long bid incarcerated.

The picture of Blac Youngsta in the cover art is what gives it away though.  He has a tattoo of an ice cream cone photoshopped on the side of his face.  Just like Guwop.  img_7051

We we don't know for sure.  Yet since we all know that Blac Youngsta is petty, the name of his last mixtape was "F*ck Everybody", and he will always speak his mind, I'm pretty sure that we can  expect some sort of diss track as a single very soon.


Stay tuned for this developing beef.

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