Can You Bear Chance The “Wrapper” in the New Kit Kat Commercial?

chance-kit-kat-1475522423-640x427In just a short time Chance The Rapper has built a brand that is indulged in the fashion industry, produces musical concerts, and can release awesome music all formulated into one !  Hailing from Chicago with humble beginnings all the way to his cocoa butter kisses, Chancellor Jonathan Bennett, has became a household name.  Some would venture to say that he is one of the most valuable artists of 2016.

chance-the-rapper-kit-kat-1024x502Topping his resume, the show that Chance The Rapper put on in the Kit Kat commercial is the latest rave though.  He dresses up as a cute and cuddly little bear thats shopping at a local convenience store and sees his face on a KitKat bar with the wording “Chance The Wrapper” above the KitKat logo. makes the joke of twisting the words… “You deserve, you deserve, you deserve, a smoke snack breaaaaaak!”  

bif0tcydenusbiw9sg3gKitKat loves it, but more importantly his fans love it.  The Chicago bred rapper is on fire and spreading so much joy and positivity through his music. Nonetheless what he has had, a campaign with H & M and even a cosign from our POTUS, he has topped the charts since day one without a doubt.  Questionably, will his album “Coloring Book” take home the most sales this year?


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