Celebrities Link Up For ‘Don’t F*ck This Up’ – The Ultimate Challenge For Donald Trump

It is no surprise that a large portion of our county is anti-Trump. With his outrageous racist and sexist beliefs and lack of political experience, protests and riots have erupted nationwide and even internationally. Donald Trump has officially been sworn in and the displeased Americans are left with no other choice but to accept what is out of their hands.

Young Thug supporting the movement.

One thing this election has done is unite and re-empower Americans. Over the past few weeks celebrities have come together to endorse a new clothing company: Don't F*ck This Up and their slogan: "Don't F*ck This Up TRUMP 2017". Their objective is to effectively challenge POTUS to not screw up his chance at making America great again.

Mission/About the company and movement:

2016 was a traumatic year to say the least with all the horrific incidents and injustice’s that occurred especially involving minorities. In 2017 we have to look forward to former reality star Donald Trump to hold the most prestigious role in the United States, President. We all know his campaign run was every bit of disrespectful, insensitive and humiliating to the American people. He is also not the most honorable or respected person because of it. For those facts alone I challenge every American to make a stand and hold our President elect accountable to all of the financial gain and diverse promises we were sold throughout his campaign trail. At this point as Americans we have no other choice but to accept the things we cannot change, with that being said DFTU stands for Don’t Fuck This Up. DFTU is the movement we are pushing to challenge President elect Trump. DFTU does not mean that we are hopeful in his efforts we are more worried about the aftermath of his term. So Trump, Donnie, #DONTFUCKTHISUP

Influencers like Young Thug (above), Sonny Digital (featured image), 2 Chainz and more have been spotted supporting the movement. You can shop hoodies at https://www.dontfuckthisup.us/ and read more on the revolution. View their commercial below.

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written by: ariela anís  |  ig: ari.anis  |  twitter: arielaanis

Written by Ariela Anís

Ariela Anís is a media maven addicted to pop culture + music. She currently resides in sunny LaLaLand, but is originally from the tri-state. The fiery Latina graduated from Temple U in May 2015 and has been gunning for success beyond the stars ever since. Pushing boundaries is second nature to this zesty entertainment junkie. Ariela Anís is making moves, so be sure to keep up with her on instagram: ari.anis | twitter: arielaanis | website: arielaanis.com

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