Chance The Rapper Releases Self Directed iPhone Music Video Featuring Jay Electronica.

Chance The Rapper is going to change the game forever and we are all excited to see what else he comes up with next!! From shows at the white house to commercials in early costume ideas to now directing viral videos from his iPhone.  He took to twitter to let his fans know that he was going to be allowing his creative complex more, starting with the release of his new video from "Coloring Book" featuring Jay Electronica and his amazingly gifted cousin, Nicole.

Chance the used Black Girl magic and the popular gospel song as inspiration for the video "How Great".

The video starts with Nicole singing the lyrics to "How Great Is Our God".  Chance talks about the fact that he was nervous but glad he stepped out of his comfort zone.

“I shoulda been confident from the jump but this being the first video I directed without Austin (Veasley) I got scared.  Francis is using Prismizer on Nicole’s vocal, originally my idea was just ONE rotation to visually match the change in vocal. But I liked it.”

As he released the video he entered into a Q&A with his fans as he answered their questions they watched his iOS masterpiece and performance.  Take a look at the video below


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