Chance The Rapper Will Have FREE Event To Get Youth To Vote

We love when celebrities use their image in a positive way. Chance The Rapper, will be hosting a free event to encourage the youth to use their right to vote. It seems like absolutely no one is too excited about this election. Although we will miss our current president and first lady, the show must go on. Since early voting has been open it has been recorded that there has been a decline in voting.More importantly a decline in African American voting. We hope this is not an indication of what will come on election day. Chance The Rapper took matters into his own hands to try and get the youth involved. Chance has a non-profit organization and he plans on teaming up with Virgin Hotels to do a rooftop concert...FOR FREE! Whats better than free music? Chance says that he is excited about this election and excited to do something that will hopefully in turn make others more excited, and want to vote. With this upcoming election being a roller coaster of political BS this event is refreshing for us to hear about. We know that it will be successful and can't wait to see the turn out. We need more people like Chance to help our voices be heard. #getoutandvote

Written by Shonquis Willis

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