Check Out “The Consequence” Exclusive Movie Trailer

Wanly Florexile is an amazing film director with unmatched creative story lines and concepts. Over the years this rising, young movie mogul has built quite a reputation for himself based on his past work. He's received great feedback from movies Hope of A Brooklyn Story and Brooklyn Fever, as well as his web series, Love Is Blind.

Now Wanly looks to start 2018 off by topping his best work with his new film The Consequence; which takes place in a poverty stricken town in Haiti and focuses on a farm owner named Dave. Dave is a widower and single father whom believes his wife passed by way of a curse placed on her from a voodoo priest. Dave relocates to America in hopes of a better life, only to find the chaos continues even after relocation.

I highly recommend you check out the trailer below, and stay tuned for this classic motion picture.


Connect with Wanly:

Instagram: @wanslim1 | Twitter: @wfslim

Written by Kash Jones

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