Cop Or Bop: Maison Margiela’s Future Destroyed High-Top

To Maison Margiela, worn in is the new black. The internet has been buzzing about the latest release from the always over the top designer, the Future Distressed High Top.

Despite the obvious distress, these shoes are in, they feature all the comfy features high-end sneakerheads look for;  a funky yellow hue, leather, and textile upper, a round toe, padded collar, cushioned heel and a logo patched tongue.

Now the big question, does that make them worth the $1425 price Neiman Marcus and other retailers are asking for it?

I will let you be the judge of that! So, would you Cop or Bop?

Verdict: These are above my pay grade, BOP!

Written by Shannon

Shannon is a relationship blogger, pop culture geek, sneakerhead and social media superhero. Follow her on all over the social mediasphere (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram) @invadingmars or via her website

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