Cop Or Bop: Puma Basket Heart Patent Women’s Sneaker

Tis the season for super cute summer shoes and these Puma Basket Heart sneakers are right up my alley!

These #puma BASKET HEART PATENT WOMEN'S SNEAKERS are perfect for #summer‼️ Would you #CoporBop I⁉️|

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If you have grown bored of the uber trendy Puma X Fenty line and want a change, this shoe is it. I thought this style was able to capture the coolness customers turn to Rihanna for. I was totally digging how the Basket Heart incorporates the classic Puma design with a modern chunky lace upgrade similar to the silk-laced leather sneaker that the Fenty Puma line released earlier this spring.

This shoe is a great alternative for anyone who might not want to shell out $150 to rock Fenty because they are only $85.

Verdict: COP!



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