Cop Or Bop⁉️: Under Armour Curry 4’s‼️

Under Armour will be releasing the fourth shoe from Chef Curry this fall but you didn't have to wait until then to check them out. Steph rocked the contemporary and clean white and gold pair in Game 1 of the NBA Finals just a few days ago.

The shoe is a mid-cut with a sock-like detailing, and "SC30" imprinted on the midsole. Fans complained about the heaviness of the Curry 2's and 3's, so this version promises wearers will be considerably lighter on their feet.

I am anxious to see if Steph previews an "away" colorway tomorrow for Game 3 in Cleveland.

Verdict: Figurative Cop! *Meaning they are the best Curry's released by far but it's still a literal Bop for me.*

Written by Shannon

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