CyHi the Prynce Talks “No Dope on Sundays” Album, Kanye West and More!

We had the pleasure of sitting down with a real Zone 6 rap czar, Atlanta's top lyricist out now and your favorite rapper's favorite rapper. We quickly indulged in the poetically potent masterpiece and discussed the album and admired Cyhi's numerous accolades within the entire music industry.  Cyhi gave specific details into his life that actually colored the graphic situations expressed in his album.

Cyhi has created a timeless product that has set a stage and a marketplace for wordplay and concepts that have become more favorable with hip-hop fans now.  The feedback from an array of professionals, genders and all walks of life have been astounding and life-changing.  Cyhi expressed a story of getting the news of him making [Kanye West, G.O.O.D. Music] Kanye 's album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy".


One verse on "So Appalled" [song on MBDTF -Kanye album] set the sail for Cyhi in such a way he has made a fortune just earning writer's credit for almost 80 percent of the last 4 Kanye West albums with "Watch the Throne" [Jay Z/Kanye collab album] included.  Overall it was a privilege and an honor to sit down with someone who has so much respect for hip-hop, lyrical craftsmanship, engineering of his delivery and stewardship in his storytelling that has healed parts of his community.  Secondly, just to be entertained through sharing like thoughts with one of the most down to earth prolific poets in and out of music. Please download buy and stream "No Dope on Sunday" now, IT'S EVERYWHERE!!! The album is BANANAS!!  YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED ...

Shot by @reelshooterzmedia

Curated and Produced by Briana Crudup

Written by Dynamix

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