Actor Daveed Ramsay is rounding out his resume with new music and video release

Birth name Daveed Ramsay, this mule-talented entertainer is a native of Brooklyn, NY who now calls Camden, New Jersey home. An actor with credits including PowerAde commercial alongside NBA Superstar LeBron James as well as feature in top grossing blockbuster Get Rich or Die Tryin starring Hip Hop mogul 50 cent. Currently Daveed is on set filming a new TV series by the name of Chase Street which is slated for release in the near future.   As a young entrepreneur Daveed as parlayed his skills on the mic into a promising career as a recording artist leaning on his years of passion for Hip Hop, the music and culture.


"I've always told people that if I wasn't on the big screen I would be in the booth somewhere making hits. Along the way I have found a way to work on both and it has been fantastic," says Ramsay whose new release Life Goes On is making waves throughout the tri state. With plans to take it to be a wider audience as he preps the release later this year of Hi My Name is Daveed Ramsay the upstart continues to focus on grassroots marketing schemes and connecting with media.


"My ultimate goal is to bring awareness to the fact that being yourself and loving who u are is the most important thing as a person. No matter your financial circumstance, the cup is always half full. Be comfortable in your own skin. Not to mention, I am bringing that good ol' music back vibe back."

Watch the video for Life Goes On:




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