Did Kash Doll & Big Sean Take It There

Twitter Reacts To Kash Doll’s Verse On “So Good”

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Twitter went crazy after hearing Big Sean and Kash Doll's "So Good" track from Double or Nothing. The explicit lyrics and word play are everything, but Kash Doll's lyrics raised a few eyebrows. More specifically when she said,

You know that beef stick so bomb

My nigga ask who pussy is it, I said "Big Sean"

As you can see, Twitter wasted no time reacting with memes of Big Sean's girlfriend Jhené Aiko and questioning the relationship between Big Sean and Kash Doll. However, once again, that's just some amazing word play on Kash Doll's behalf, as she took to Twitter to provide an unexpected, but ironic explanation. Mystery solved!

Check it out below.

Written by Kash Jones

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