David Banner Talks about his critically acclaimed album “The Godbox”, Politics and More!

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Well, well, well we just had an upfront hip hop energetic and uplifting interview with the Mississippi Messiah David Banner. Banner sit in exclusively with HipHopWeekly amongst a few business professionals to discussed his hard work and determination he expressed in his new album The God Box.  We also discussed his views on America’s social climate and how the average black man is portrayed in the United States and abroad.  I’ve listened to the album several times and it sounds like an “educated” OUTKAST album musically but its Banner at his best with distinct drum coordination that can only be provided by a deep south veteran percussion scientist.  One of his achievements outside of music is his motivational speaking company that you actually can hear that same empowerment in the album.  The experience and the vibe being around this “musical majesty” was real laid back like the fellas kick it at the barber shop.  The feedback was phenomenal from everyone who had at first glance at our conversation. We hope that this discussion reach millions as we would like to promote a positive change in our community. Thank you Mr. Banner for taking the time to speak with us, we really appreciate it !   Please make sure you pick up the God Box, download today ! Visit www.davidbanner.com today for merchandise, updated info, music and more!

Written by Dion Moore,

Curated and Produced by Briana Crudup,

Video by Reel Shooterz Media


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