Exclusive Interview- Find out what’s new with the hilarious “LaLa Sizahands!”

We had the pleasure of speaking with the hilarious "Lalasizahands" this past weekend and she is definitely doing it big! After years of working a regular 9-5 day job in corporate America, Lala didn't just settle for that corporate lifestyle, she wanted to do what she loved best which was making people laugh and she is doing just that ! Please listen to our exclusive interview with the hilarious queen Lala to find out what she has going on and how she got started ! We thank you so much Lala for speaking with us, you were so pleasant, humble and so down to earth !  Make sure you follow her on all social media platforms @lalasizahands89 and subscribe to her new youtube channel LalaSizahands89 ! Thank you Shantey and Mimi of Eyelashvizion for setting this up, hit them up for your PR needs on IG @she_is_mimi and @shanteylashy.

Produced by Briana Crudup


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