GFMBRYCCE talks about new music “Do no Wrong” and collaboration with TIP and Young Dro !

GFMBRYYCE sat exclusively with HipHop Weekly and gave us some insight on his life as a rapper. He's got new music, great collabs and more! Listen to our exclusive interview ! Shout out to Theory Communications for setting up this interview !


Bryce Harris, better known as GFMBRYYCE, was born the youngest of 8 children in New York City. A native of the Bronx, his childhood was dotted with tragedy after tragedy.

After the death of his father at age 11, Bryyce and family were evicted several times. With his family's financial future uncertain, Bryyce decided to take matters into his own hands.

It was on the streets of Courtlandt Avenue -a block plagued by drugs and gang violence- that Bryyce took it to the streets and formed GFM with his close friends. It was then the Go For Money team was born.

Before long, the streets took priority of his academic career and he was dismissed from school due to poor behavior. With a child out of control, Bryyce's mother had to make a tough call: let Bryyce continue to run wild or send him to Atlanta.
With her back against the wall, she made the choice to send him to Atlanta at age 15 with his brother. Alone and out of options, Bryyce turned to music as his saving grace. It would be a life changing decision. From the moment he touched down in Atlanta, he dove head first into his art. In between sleeping in his car he would write and record music.

The hard work began to pay off.

Bryyce began to record music with everyone from Meek Mill to his older brother, Clifford "T.I." Harris.

BET's 106 & Park had him perform with Hunter O'Neal and he was even invited on tour with Lil Wayne, 2Chains and T.I. But despite the success, tragedy was never far behind. He lost one of his childhood friends and others began to get indicted because of gang violence back in the old neighborhood. In an attempt to piece things back together, he made a trip back to his old block in New York.

Despite the traction his music career was getting, Bryyce decided to return home. He wouldn't pick up the microphone for several years after. Convinced music would never work, he enrolled in school up in Syracuse, New York and got involved in a serious relationship. Fast forward two years and not only did his serious relationship fall apart, but he lost another childhood friend, This time to suicide.

But GFMBryyce is resilient.

The same adversity that held him back for so long is now the fuel he uses to power through setbacks.


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