Hip Hop Artist Wilson Charles debuts new video ” Expectations!”

Inspiration can come from anyone, anything or anywhere. It can come from that homeless guy at the light that still manages to smile. It may come from the last song you heard before you cut your car off, or it may simply come from something your 3 year old daughter said to you this morning. Either way It goes, inspiration is all around us.

Singer/Hip-Hop Artist Wilson Charles knows a thing or two about inspiration. Raised in Boston by way of Haiti, Wilson is morally invested in promoting self- expression. He finds inspiration in the children, and allowing the less fortunate ones to find success through their hard work. As a kid himself, he was in awe watching a man that could walk on the moon.
"The first experiences I had was watching Michael Jackson play--mimicking his dance moves." He says when thinking back on the King of Pop. "Stuff like that, which is what I think most kids do when they first see Michael Jackson performing just like, 'YO! This dude this dude is the greatest I wanna do it just like that!' So, that really got me to singing at a young age."
Wilson also drew inspiration from a video about a teenaged mom that was so desperate, she literally threw her newborn in a dumpster.
"I remember vividly I was watching BET with Rachel---they was showing the 2Pac's 'Brenda's Got A Baby' video and it changed my life, it changed my perspective on everything because I knew Brenda. I knew who he was talking about.--That's when I learned music can alter people's emotions."
He seemed to master that craft as he draws emotions from his latest singles, "Ohh Baby" and "Expectations." He hones in on his songwriting skills as he pens in some of his experiences into the music. "Ohh Baby' It's about me messing up and not doing the right thing by a young lady who I care for deeply."  He goes on to say his song "Expectations" was him having a conversation with women about situationships and being friends with benefits.
Charles hopes to bring the honesty back in R&B, one thing he feels it's missing.
Making his 2nd appearence on hiphopweekly.com, we are glad to have Wilson Charles grace the pages of this site once again.
Inspiration can be contagious. Some people you can't go around without getting inspired. Wilson has captured the essence of making  emotion altering music. Make sure you watch his latest video for "Expectations."

 instagram: @thewilsoncharles

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