Indie Spotlight: Derrick Milano

Hailing from Delaware, this young MC has worked with a lot of your favorite artists.

You may not have heard of Derrick Milano, but your favorite artist has probably worked with him. Born in Philadelphia but raised in Delaware, Derrick has worked with artists that range from Kodak Black to Kevin McAll. This 22 year old MC/singer has a unique style. He can rap over tough trap beats or sing the nation anthem if necessary. Yeah, you read that correctly. The national anthem. Versatility in music is always seen as a very positive trait. To say Derrick is versatile is an understatement. We caught up with him fresh off of a tour and asked him a few questions. Check them out below.

What name do you prefer to go by when talking to press?

Derrick Milano or Derrick is always safe when dealing with press.

What is the meaning behind the name of the new mixtape, A1?

The meaning behind A1 is to show elite, top of the line quality work, I believe that this project will show the audience a very abroad look at my music.

Where are you from/hometown would you like to be associate with in press?

I’m from Philadelphia, PA & raised in Delaware.

When’s your birthday?

December 24th, 1993

How did you get your start in music?

I started off in school choir, which showed me that I would be able to take my talent to a more digital approach then live.

Has Hip Hop always been your main focus of music?

No it hasn’t, I’ve always been an R&B artist I just understand timing and the market of music that our generation is into.

What’s your favorite genre(s) of music?

I’m a huge fan of Hip Hop, R&B, & Pop music.

Can you cypher/rap battle?

Yes, having that ability helps me with my music since I’m more of a mental writer.

Can you sing the national anthem?

Yes I Can.

Are you associated or are there any charities you'd like to be affiliated with?

I’m not at the moment but two charities that I would like to be affiliated with are “Jump Rope For Heart” & “The Ronald Mcdonald House”

What kind of movies do you like?

I’m a huge fan of horror movies & action movies.

When is the mixtape launch dates?

We plan to drop the mixtape August 12th.

When does the tour kick-off and end?

The tour should be starting September 22nd and ending late October.

What cities/dates are you going to on tour?

Norfolk, Richmond, Roanoake, Baltimore, Washington D.C, New York, New Haven, Rochester, & more.

Do you have any hidden talents besides music/singing?

I’m a very strong Emcee, Networker, & Personality for radio as well as an actor.

What’s your drink (if you drink alcohol) of choice?

Hennessey for sure!

Do you have pets and/or support animal rights?

I do have a dog back home & I do support animal rights.

Are you spiritual and/or practice any type of religion?

Yes, I believe in God & I’m a Christian.

With it being an election year, do you support any particular political party? (this will get asked by celebs so, it’s good to know where you stand on this)

Yes, I’ve always been a Democrat & I believe in what they stand for.

Who are your favorite fashion designers/brands?

I’m a Huge fan of Northface, Armani Xchange, Diesel, Nike, & G-Star.

Who are your favorite music artists (past and/or present)?

50 Cent, Chris Brown, Young Thug, Drake, J.Cole, Tory Lanez, Ciara.

Do you like sneakers? Or one particular fashion item you collect? (watches, etc.)

Yes I love sneakers, don’t collect them but I’m a huge fan of Foamposites & airmaxes.

Do you workout or have a favorite gym/trainer/routine you use?

I do workout here & there at LA fitness but don’t have a routine or trainer.

Do you have any dietary preferences (Vegan, Vegetarian, Low-carb, etc.)?

No I don’t.

Can you cook? If so, what’s your favorite dish to make?

Yes I can, I love making Baked chicken with rice.

What do you like to do when you’re not producing music/working?

I love to meet new people and think of ways to expand my brand as well as network online & interact with people who support me.

What music artists have you worked with over the span of your career?

Kodak Black, Fetty Wap, Kirko Bangz, B Smyth, August Alsina, Famous Dex, Rich The Kid, Skippa Da Flippa, Sean Kingston, Kevin Mcall.

If you could be featured in any magazine/online outlet or TV show, what would it be?

Would have to say XXL Freshmen for sure! That has always been a goal of mine & would love to achieve it.

What inspires you?

My past life from people who didn’t believe in me & my mom.

Are there any artists you haven’t collaborated with yet, that you’d like to?

Yes, I would love to work with Drake, Kanye, Chris Brown, Young Thug & Ty Dolla Sign

Thanks for reading! Tune in next week. I'll be interviewing visual artist from Miami unkleluc.


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