Jay-Z Accused of Dodging Paternity Test

A 24-year-old man who says he's spent the past sixteen years of his life believing he is the illegitimate first child of Jay-Z will be coming before a judge with hopes of having the court order the rap mogul to take a paternity test, later this year.

Up until the results of a negative DNA test led to the man's name being taken off of the document in 2011, Rymir Satterthwaite's birth certificate listed a Robert Graves as his father. Graves was Satterthwaite's mother's boyfriend at the time of his birth in 1992, but when he was eight years old it was finally revealed to the Philadelphia native that his real dad is allegedly Shawn Carter.

According to the 48-year-old mom, Wanda, earlier that year she had a one night stand with Jay - who she says brought her back from Philly to his aunt's residence in Brooklyn. It was there that she claims they engaged in protected intercourse, but that the contraceptive failed.

She'd bump into him a couple of weeks later, but never again heard from him after that point. Little did he know, she claims, they had conceived a son together.

Satterthwaite says that Jay-Z has been dodging a paternity test for eight years. He actually had a case against the Roc Nation boss but it fell through because of the previous man thought to be his father still being legally recognized as the man who gave him life.

What's more, the suit that Satterthwaite has filed accuses his own lawyer of colluding with Jay's legal team to get him off the hook. But now it looks like the aspiring musician is going to get his shot to try to convince a judge to compel Hov to take the test.

"I don’t want money or anything like that from Jay-Z," Satterthwaite recently told The Sun. "I just want him to finally tell the truth to the world." He is scheduled to appear in court in December.

Source: hotnewhiphop.com

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