Jodeci Biopic Confirmed!

In addition to the 'New Edition Story' it looks there will be some other biopics coming our way. Seeing the success that New Edition had with their biopic has caused some other networks to get on board. Mr. Dalvin from the group Jodeci just confirmed that they will begin pre-production on Jodeci's biopic next month, with a release date of late 2017. With other biopics like Aaliyah which didn't do numbers at all but had a lot of buzz surrounding its debut makes it kind of hard to tell if a biopic will be successful or just another flop. The trend seems to be that if the parties of the actual talent are still involved in some way then the biopic will be a good story to tell. If the person of interest or family members are NOT involved then it will probably be a FLOP. The most talked about biopics to date are Selena, Jackson 5, Temptations, Tina Turner, and now New Edition just to name some. What they all have in common is that the people were involved and in the case of the late Selena, her family played a huge role on making sure her reputation remained true to who she actually was. Just last week on Steve Harvey's national syndicated radio show he actually tossed around some other male R&B groups and Jodeci ironically came up. Some agreed that they would love to see a biopic on the male group but Steve felt like Jodeci just didn't have enough hits and weren't together long enough for them to have a film made about them. Well, it looks like this has been in the works since last September and VH1 has already bought the rights. Obviously nothing can top some of the other biopics we mentioned but we want to know...would you all be interested in seeing a Jodeci Biopic?

Written by Shonquis Willis

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