Kanye West Gets Booed At Concert

Trump Interlude Gone Wrong

img_0110During a Saint Pablo Show Thursday night (Nov. 17th), Kanye West decided to use his usual, spoken-based interludes to voice his opinion, and support, of Trump's politically incorrect and offensive campaign strategy that won him this years Presidential Election. Apparently, Trumps remarks with regard to women and other minorities was mainly what characterized his campaign, however West expressed that he felt like it was genius:

“I told y’all I didn’t vote, right? But if I would’ve voted, I would’ve voted for Trump,” Kanye said. “There’s nonpolitical methods to speaking that I like, that I feel were very futuristic. And that style, and that method of communication, has proven that it can beat a politically correct way of communication. And I fuck with that. I actually think that his approach was absolutely genius. Because it fucking worked!” It would seem as if Kanye is praising Trump’s marketing techniques, or the public persona he put forth. At one point in the video above, he says, “I hate the fact that because I’m a celebrity, everybody told me not to say that I loved the debates. I loved his approach.”

After those remarks, it didn't seem like the crowd took it to well and his comments even resulted in him being booed at times and objects were thrown on stage. Kanye didn't seem to be too bothered by it, which isn't out of the ordinary given the rappers' history of controversial remarks.

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