Let’s Go Crazy: Prince’s Music Returns To Streaming Services

Almost a year after his death, the Iconic Prince Nelson Roger's music catalogs have returned to most streaming services!

Warner Brothers said in a statement that Prince's music, including the usually hard to stream Purple Rain album, will be released on Sunday to coincide with his 2017 Grammy's Awards tribute.

Fans of Prince have even more to look forward to on June 9th, when Warner Brothers will release a remastered copy of Purple Rain, two new albums full of unreleased music, and two complete concert films for the lost files from Prince's Paisley Park recording studio.

If you have ever tried to share (lawyer up) or find one (good luck with that) of your favorite Prince videos on Youtube you already know Prince has never been a fan of online music. So much so that in 2015 he pulled most of his hits from all online streaming sources except for Tidal. Until yesterday of course!

Word on the street his Prince's estate will use this streaming check to pay off his hefty $100 million tax debt.


Written by Shannon

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