LHHATL Update: Kirk’s Alleged Baby’s Mother Revealed

For the last few months there have been rumors going around about Love and Hip Hop Atlanta's Kirk Frost is having a secret love child. This news would be slightly embarrassing seeing that Kirk is supposedly happy in love with his wife Rasheeda. Now we know that they are filming for the newest season now but neither party have said anything about the rumors. Joseline even spoke on the situation on 'The Real' that she's not surprised that Kirk slipped up and got someone pregnant. As more information is being released day by day it seems that the plot has thickened. Photos have been released tying a familiar looking woman to the story of being the mother of the alleged baby. The woman that is shown in the pictures was actually apart of the show. Jasmine Washington, 27 is reportedly seeking child support claiming that her income is $0. What is up with these men getting caught up in these cheating scandals? Not only are you cheating, you are also having unprotected sex with random women. The courts are asking that Kirk take a DNA test but Ms. Washington says she is 100% sure that Kirk is the father. We can't wait to see how this plays out on the next season of LHHATL.

Written by Shonquis Willis

Shonquis Willis is a media driven junky. All things entertainment and musically related is her passion. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, the hip hop culture was one she always wanted to be apart of. With a background in TV, Radio, Journalism, and Public Relations she strives to reach for greatness. A recent graduate of Georgia State University class of 2015 is where she began to focus and perfect her craft as a journalist. Aside from blogging for HHW she is also a Marketing Director. Dreams of living in Los Angeles and being the face you see and hear all over entertainment media is her life-long goal. To stay updated with all things related to Shonny follow her on social media. Instagram: Justshonny | Twitter _JustShonny | Tumblr: shonnysworld.tumblr.com

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