Lil Kim Saves New Jersey Mansion from Foreclosure

According to a report, Lil Kim’s mansion that was once on the verge of being foreclosedhas been saved by the rapper.

The judge in the case reportedly told Kim that this would be the last chance she would be given in the case of the house. Court documents that surfaced noted the judge took Lil Kim’s side in the matter, and that they were able to deny one of the creditors the ability to foreclose on the property.

Despite the decision, Lil Kim has to pay the creditor $32,297.41, along with interest and legal fees. Kim is required to show proof of home insurance and also will be required to pay $10,155 per month starting in September. The judge reportedly told Kim that if she misses a single payment, the creditor she’s paying to will have the ability take the house from her and auction it.


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