Lil Zane Drops new single ” Weed Lady” featuring Lil Scrappy!

It was great reconnecting the artist extraordinaire Lil Zane! He gave a little bit about why he took a break out of the music industry but he's back and better than ever! Listen to our interview as he lets us into the scoop!

About Lil Zane,
Lil' Zane broke out in the industry as a teen releasing his first studio album Young World: The Future, under Priority records which included the smash hit "Callin' Me" featuring 112. Lil' Zane has been featured alongside various artists including Lil' Wayne, Lil' Bowwow, Akon, Bone Crusher, Sammie and more. Being that Lil' Zane has been part of the hip-hop culture since the late 90's it's not always easy to transition with the current, however, Lil' Zane intends on extending his legacy.
Outside the music, Lil' Zane has appeared on popular television shows and movies including Fighting Temptation, Dr. Dolittle2, MotivesThe Parkers and One On One.
The still young MC has grown with the industry and is ready to unveil his new works. Self-signed to Money Making Muzik (MMM) and crafting his new album, Zane is releasing new music starting with his single "Weed Lady" featuring Lil Scrappy with an EP to soon follow.
The single debut Friday, April 20th, 2018 as we are eager to reintroduce Zane to the world. Shout out to Mr. 5% (Sterling Coleman Jr.) sponsor and artist for the delicious chicken and gourmet chips for our celebrity clients courtesy of Zaxby's! Follow him at @sterling314 on instagram to join forces on his awesome movement!

Interview Correspondent- Krystal Ketcham

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