Mary J Blige’s Husband Is Trying To Take It All!

Former Husband and Manager is working towards winning his due diligence during their divorce settlement.

landscape-1469741336-gettyimages-459517892Mary J Blige has always been making music about how men have been hurting her and making her feel less than she is, but she will be "Just Fine" as her 2007 single boasts, but now she is done with putting up with the baboonery from her own household.

Matin "Kendu" Isaacs, ex-husband and former manager of the R&B sensation, is asking for almost the whole pie in regards to the monetary split of their divorce settlement.  They have been officially separated since July 25, but the papers have been filed and negotiations have begun.  The first thing he wanted to discuss: the mula.  Isaacs is asking for more spousal support, more of their estates, and even petitioning that Blige pay for his lawyer fees!! 36ad956b00000578-3713195-image-a-21_1469727690572
Divorces get really ugly, especially when you have a marriage that involved so much business for so long.  The entitlement becomes estranged and settling is often harder than not.  There have been no mentions of prenups between the two but we will see as more of the case unfolds.

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