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Who is Bandboy?

For most young men, struggling to survive while growing up in inner-city streets is less than inspiring.  Days are filled with hustling and nighttime activities include keeping one eye opened at all times.  But for some, this system of survival is just the fuel needed to ignite a bigger flame that leads to setting the world on fire.  Enter Devante Ra’vaughn Ballard, also known as “Bandboy”, debut artist on independent imprint R.Y.T. Entertainment through Empire Distribution, and prepare to experience a fresh, new player in the game that brings a lyrical street symphony full of unfiltered, unapologetic and unabashed prose.

Upon first mention of the multi-talented rapper’s name, one would immediately imagine a more than capable musician or even a bossed-up street savant with money to burn wrapped in colorful rubber bands.  However, the 23-year old, Bridgeport, Connecticut native’s moniker was birthed from the music he made using automatic weapons in his younger days.  Always acknowledging that the streets supplied the foundation of how he approaches music, the vocally blessed entertainer also found another type of soulful inspiration in listening to artists like Jagged Edge, Jaheim, Tank and Donnell Jones, giving him his own version of soul food and prompting him to tell his stories sonically.  This inspiration led a then pubescent Bandboy to producing, writing and recording music that he shared, sparingly with friends and family, ultimately leading him to the music mecca, Atlanta, to spread his wings, lengthen his strides and share his gift with the masses.

Now, after working with hitmaker Cheeze Beatz (Migos, Cardi B, YFN Lucci) to produce a strong majority of his premiere project, this street savvy young father, standing just under 6-feet tall and covered in inked art that he’s been collecting illegally since his childhood, is locked, loaded and counting down to the August 10th release of his debut body of work,Bandland.  Lines like, “A hundred rounds, gun down, with my bros - throw shots with this 40 no smoke, no smoke. All praise due to the most high, all my niggas goons and they gon’ ride”,bring color to his canvas and confessions like, “If you don’t jump through the roof after you hear this, there’s a problem”, attracted high-level industry veterans to co-sign the forthcoming introduction. Anchored by the smash hit, “Half A Milli” featuring Lil’ Baby, Bandboy has his eyes on the prize and the future is his focus.  Becoming a fan of Bandboy is becoming a supporter of the truth.  And, he is ready to share that truth with the world.

Hip Hop Weekly Exclusive !
R.Y.T. Entertainment/Empire
Bandboy set to release his debut single,
"Half A Milli,"featuring Lil' Baby
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