[NEW MUSIC] Fab Releases Summertime Shootout 2


Just shy of a year since the first tape hit the internet, Fabolous dropped the sequel to his mixtape series Summertime Shootout, to which he dubbed "The Level Up". This time Fab enlists vocals from Tory Lanez, Wale and Chris Brown, among others.

The 13 track mixtape released Friday Sept. 2, as with all of Fab's tape series, pays homage, admiring and remixing the latest bangers and giving us a dose of 90s/00s nostalgia. Fab and Wale take us back to 2001 on Track 4 "Faith in Me" with Faith Evan's "I Love You" and back to 2003 on Track 9, with a hushed bed track of Ashanti's "Rock Wit You (Awww Baby)".

Though there are some original tracks mixed in, unlike the first of the series including freestyles and über witty lyrics, most of SS2 includes smooth melodies and slowed rhymes. Leading Fabolous to hint to listeners that we shouldn't "look too deep [lyrically] on Summertime Shootout 2"; but to share with your partner, and wait for his upcoming joint project with Jadakiss, Freddy vs. Jason; which listeners are anticipating, impatiently.

Even with the forewarning, Fabolous still hit every target with Summertime Shootout 2: The Level Up. Click on track list below to hear/download the tape and comment your thoughts after listening.


written by:  ariela anís  |  ig: ari.anis  |  twitter: arielaanis

Written by Ariela Anís

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