? New Music: Marc Mavrick ‘Colder Wen Tha Suns Out’‼️

The Summer Just Got Colder…

“Compelled to share his world raw and unfiltered, Mavrick grants his audience the luxury of a grand spectacle as he travels the path of his Great Work; that he might make whole the void from which he came, create order out of chaos and thrive in the shadows of his own existence.”

Newcomer Marc Mavrick's backstory reads like one of a true hip-hop superhero. The Manhattan-born lyricist and master orator derived from humble beginnings. His early life was riddled with violence and crime and his lyrics capture every ounce of his angst and extensive exposure to the street life.  Through his music, Mavrick who often goes by his alter ego "Black Mask Mav" can finally remove his mask of grit and allow his fans to see him for the captivating storyteller he is.

Check out his latest single 'Colder Wen Tha Suns Out' below!

Stay tuned for more from Marc Mavrick and the whole Nula Entertainment squad who are gearing up to release their "Nu Death Row" mixtape on July 21st 2017.

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