President Obama For A Third Term

As most of us count the days, hours, and minutes until President Obama leaves the White House there's a somber feeling around the entire country. President Obama recently did an interview on the radio where he discussed the state of our country. POTUS went on to say that he is confident enough in himself that if he were allowed to run for another term as President he's positive that he would have won again. Why can't the laws be changed for this one person? It seems so unfair that he won't be able to lead the country for another term. POTUS knows that majority of our country understands his vision and knows the great lengths he's willing to go for our country and especially the African American culture. Having someone in office who really understands the struggle and the divide that is happening within our country right now is so important. President Obama and his family will truly be missed. Do you all think President Obama would have won a third term?

Written by Shonquis Willis

Shonquis Willis is a media driven junky. All things entertainment and musically related is her passion. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, the hip hop culture was one she always wanted to be apart of. With a background in TV, Radio, Journalism, and Public Relations she strives to reach for greatness. A recent graduate of Georgia State University class of 2015 is where she began to focus and perfect her craft as a journalist. Aside from blogging for HHW she is also a Marketing Director. Dreams of living in Los Angeles and being the face you see and hear all over entertainment media is her life-long goal. To stay updated with all things related to Shonny follow her on social media. Instagram: Justshonny | Twitter _JustShonny | Tumblr:

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