Rumor Has It: Are Madonna And Idris Elba An Item?

We are officially two weeks into "Cuffing Season", and there has been some whispers and hazy video alluding to the fact that Madonna and Idris Elba have a very interesting budding friendship.

Mr. Elba has been filming a documentary about his training and journey to becoming a kickboxer, and it almost looks like Madge has been morally supporting the British heartthrob in this endeavor. Although he vehemently denies "sleeping" with Madonna, her Snapchat has everyone thinking otherwise.

Just last Friday, Madonna attended Idris' first professional kickboxing match in London's historic York Hall, and it has been rumored that the two were spotted kissing and canoodling afterward.

Madonna also posted this pic of the two "working out" or whatever the kids are calling it these days.




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