Russell Simmons Pleads for Kanye to Call Him Back, Worried About His Health

While many are withdrawing their support for Kanye West, there are people still out there holding out that Kanye will snap back to reality. Russell Simmons is one such person who is trying to reach out to Ye to see about having an intervention with the embattled artist.

Simmons posted a note on his Instagram that urged against discarding Kanye, stating, "Hip-Hop, Kanye Wst is suffering, he is unraveling in public. We have lost friends like Chris Lighty and others who suffered in silence, reach out to him, he is your brother."

Russell expanded on his call to hip-hop with the caption which read:

Time for intervention. No more memes. He has made your hits and stood with us in the trenches. I personally occupied Wall Street with him and worked on countless Hip Hop summits as well had the opportunity to march with him. Ye, call your brother back. Let’s discuss the 50 relevant issues confronting the human family like the unraveling of race relations, poverty, Israel, Iran, the prison system, police brutality, , gun control... Honestly, there’s not enough space here. Call your brother. I refuse to believe a black man who supports black empowerment, but now says “Slavery was a choice”, is operating with a healthy state of mind.

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