Russell Simmons Wants Rape Accuser to Pay Him $35K for ‘Baseless’ Lawsuit

Russell Simmons isn't taking the rape accusations against him lightly. The woman who accused the music mogul of rape, a case that has since been thrown out of court, is seeing it first hand as Simmons is suing her for $35K over her "baseless" lawsuit. Simmons said the woman only brought forth a lawsuit for “purposes of publicity, which this case has garnered.” Simmons continued by saying that the woman was only looking to "extort a settlement," and is looking for her and her lawyer to cough up $34,376 for legal fees for "this baseless and improper” accusation.

The woman accused Simmons of rape stemming from an alleged 1988 encounter after a concert she attended with her (then) young son. She accused Simmons of forcing himself upon her at an afterparty at a nearby hotel and claims he said to her, “I am going to f*** you or I’m going to f*** your son. You decide.” After which, she was allegedly thrown on the bed and raped. Her current lawsuit against Simmons is seeking $10 million in damages and fees.


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