Sam Sneak has Hit the Ground Running with New Single!

Miami Legends Collab on “Shoneville”

Sam Sneak is more than a DJ, he is more than an A&R for Maybach Music Group, he is more than just a hook master, he is an artistic extraordinaire!  Hailing from the streets of Miami, he stays delivering the heat to the streets whether its behind the booth at your favorite nightclub or on the track in your headphones, and he has done it again!  This time with the help of various Miami rap legends.

"Shoneville" features Ball Greezy, Busta Free, Billy Blue and Desloc on a funky hip hop 808 beat, with some dope bells and whistles in the background.  Sneak is just the DJ on the track but you can rock out to some of his enticing ad-libs alongside the artists slammin' bars!  Listen to the track below.  Stay tuned, Miami is the next Atlanta on the map!

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