Scorpio P. delivers his brand of “Street Food” called Hip Hop on new EP

Scorpio delivers his brand of “Street Food” called Hip Hop on new EP


Scorpio P's Street Food project gets straight to the point. Although I am a fan of intros and interludes, the brother did not waste any time in delivering the first track One For The Ages with a bang. A good blend of boom bap and an electric feel, One for the Ages takes shots at many of the ills and sometime oversights in the game today as well as life in general. Enlightening those who may be in the dark, Scorpio P falls in line with what not only NYC but Hip Hop should sound like as preferred by my backpack friends. An overt homage to the culture, Scorpio P presents as if he took on a personal responsibility to bring the age old element of fun to Street Food.

Moonlight Theory presents as introspective, Scorpio P shares some insight on his inner most thoughts, as the hook plays

"No days off in this shit Gotta be a better way to live... (I'm fighting for) a better life... (So I'm working) by the moonlight... Dusk til dawn, mind over matter I just wanna make my pockets fatter... (Ha!) Waiting on a brighter day, hoping that it comes soon So, I’mma keep workin’ by the light of the moon..."

Who cannot relate to that? The rest of the single speaks to the plight of a common man or woman enduring hardship while remaining steadfast in their faith there is light at the end of the tunnel.   A great segue to Constellation Blues, Scorpio P elaborates on the fire that exists within true creatives as a dire need to share their talent, and be HEARD. Slightly abrasive but honest he raps, "I'm about to F*** around and catch a case cause I haven't written anything today." Super relate-able if you ask me. So are lines like "wave after wave, I be out at sea / In an ocean full of dreams." We all dream. Much the same, Scorpio P speaks about utilizing the same 24 hours that is available to everyone else in trying to maximize and bring his goals to fruition. Follow his lead.

Be Alright is a love song, Hip Hop love song that is. The creative kind where affection is compared to pop culture, but have no fear "Everything is gonna be alright" he speaks to Hip Hop. His love. The one he has experienced so many ups and downs bringing them to the truest sense of commitment and unification. This love is a product of building blocks.

Far be it for Scorpio P to not end the project without motivating his people. "We got that Black Magic" should be a theme song played far beyond February, from every mountain top to corner store held down by God's people. Featuring fellow NYC indie rise Ursa Major as the side-kick both of these brothers excel in celebrating Black Excellence on this much needed track, Black Magic. This might be the first time I suggest you play a project back to front. It's worth a shot.


Stream Street Food here

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