South African sensation Nakedi makes his mark in the U.S.

For the last decade, South African R&B artist Nakedi has been blazing the fresh jams scene exuding a talent and love for music which started at the age of 14 in his hometown or Pretoria, South Africa. Performing songs that he composed, Nakedi made the effort to expand his skill set by taking piano lessons on the weekend with local jazz musicians. Exploring different avenues of the arts, opportunity would arise in the form of pursuing a music degree. Switching gears, Nakedi chose computer science as he foresaw himself delving into the corporate world eventually.   Over time his love for music could not be ignored and he returned to his artistry.


The best decision he could make, Nakedi has experienced more success than he could imagine, releasing tracks such as Summer Days and Run with It. With great reviews on both, Nakedi has taken steps forward adding touring to his resume as well as performing at the annual SERA Awards in Lagos, Nigeria. On the current side, Nakedi's focus is the break of his new tracks, You’re the One for Me and Pretty Brown Eyes which continue to grow in popularity. For the latest on Nakedi visit .

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