T.I. Claims Donald Trump Summoned White Supremacists, He’s Their Spokesperson

As Atlanta Rapper, T.I., born Clifford Harris, left Le Jardin in Hollywood Thurs Nov. 10, a TMZ reporter questioned his attendance at an anti-Trump protest the night before. T.I., who's been openly vocal about the Black Lives Matter movement and presidential election responded accordingly.

On why he was actively marching with the public following Trump's election, he says:

For me personally, I just wanted to be able to look my kids in the eye and tell them that I've done everything that the Constitution allows me to do. [The worst part about Trump's presidency] is the insurgence of all the dark cornered, racist white supremacists and oppressors that exist that they now feel they have a spokesperson and that could be dangerous.

The people have spoken.... They turning America on its head.

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Since the election results, there have already been reports of minorities and Muslim immigrants threatened and even committing suicide due to Trump's highly-unwanted-victory.

T.I. remains optimistic and hopeful. "God is in control of all. Everyone has casualties on both sides. It is what it is." Tip's latest EP, Us Or Else, further addresses a plethora of political and social issues - topics he's definitely conscious and concerned about.

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Written by Ariela Anís

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