T.I. Gifts Needy Families For Holiday Season

Atlanta Rapper T.I. is no stranger to giving back. He has been apart of countless charities and is always doing something to help encourage our youth. Last Christmas, TIP paid for the gifts of hundreds of Walmart customers. This Thanksgiving he gave out 400 turkeys to residents, and this Christmas is no different.

Last weekend, the entertainer joined two doctors and handed out gifts to needy children, and now T.I. has traveled around the city of Atlanta with his "surprise caravan" handing out gifts to more children and families, as well as provided words of encouragement. TIP told 11 Alive:

I know how it feels to not be able to spend Christmas with your kids, and maybe even for them, to be in the position to do as much for your children because of circumstances. Everybody needs a little help sometimes, so I’m going to come and do what I can for those who need it the most.

Watch local news footage below:

CBS46 News

Written by Kash Jones

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