Talk About A Shocker: T.I.’s Wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris Files For Divorce

Welp! It looks like that's all folks. After so much gifting this holiday season, we suppose there had to be a few disappointments, and we are most saddened to announce that after 6 years of marriage and over 10 years of dating, it looks like our favorite "ride or die" couple are calling it quits. According to confirmed sources, earlier this month Tiny filed for permanent separation from Rapper T.I. in Georgia's Henry County.

The two tied the knot back in 2010, and have 3 children together (including their 9-month old new edition, Heiress Harris), and a blended family of 7 we have grown to know and love via their reality show on VH1, T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle.

Over the years the couple has had their fair share of issues, as does any married couple. However, sources believe that Boxer Floyd Mayweather and Tiny's relationship is to blame for the official split. Rumors of Tiny being intimate with Mayweather have been floating around for years, and even led to a brawl between the boxer and rap artist two years ago on the Vegas strip.

More recently, questions were once again raised about Tiny and Mayweather's relationship when they attended Mariah Carey's Halloween party and the two posed for a picture together. Tiny denied any relationship with Floyd; stating:

The group photo taken at Mariah Carey's Halloween party has been blown way out of proportion. It was a harmless ‘girls night’ out. I was leaving the party and people were taking lots of groups photos. I want to be clear that Mariah didn’t ‘make me’ take a photo with anyone. There’s no beef with anyone. I love my husband, always have and always will. This in no way was meant in a disrespectful manner towards my husband.

However, shortly after her statement, T.I. posted an Instagram video that triggered Mayweather to retaliate with video footage of himself and Tiny dancing and being a little too close at the Halloween party. Two years ago, Tiny had everyone talking with her single WTFYGD; lyrics threatening to leave a man who has taken his woman for granted for far too long. Now she's got us all watching and wondering what's TIP's next move.



Written by Kash Jones

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