Tiller Feeling The Holiday Spirit

Bryson Tiller Buys Groceries for Local Senior Citizens

Singer/Songwriter Bryson Tiller definitely spread the holiday cheer, during his trip home, at two local grocery stores in his hometown of Louisville, KY. Tiller visited the local Kroger and Pic-Pac IGA where he paid for several senior citizens groceries. He said it was his way of giving back during the holidays, and that it made him feel good to do so.

Some recognized the R&B star right away; while others were a little suspicious of this guy who wanted them to fill up their cart, so he could pay for their groceries. Either way, Tiller made the day of both fans and those whose groceries he paid for; being characterized as nice and humble.

Check out the video below:

WDRB 41 Louisville News

Written by Kash Jones

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