Veronica Vega from Vh1’s new hit show Love & Hip Hop Miami talks with Hip Hop Weekly!

Born and raised in Miami, Veronica Vega, affectionately known as "Vega", is a Latin songstress with pure heart and determination. She sat down exclusively with Hip Hop Weekly and gave us some interesting topics about her life.
Proud of her Latin roots, Veronica Vega is a singer, dancer, and all-around performer who has her eyes on the prize and isn't letting up until her dreams become a reality. She is signed to super producer Polow da Don and has new music coming out this March. This new season of Love and Hip Hop tackles race and how Latinas often deal with the same intra-racial issues that African Americans do. Veronica has a great story, releasing new music in February, so kick back and watch our exclusive video of Veronica Vega!

 In addition to Love & Hip Hop Vega has a campaign titled, #richpussy where she encourages women to apply value to themselves instead of letting others assign a value or priority to them. She believes women should own their sexuality and not allow others to tell them how they should or should not showcase.

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