Victim Allegedly Beat By Cardi B & Offset’s Security Loaded Into Ambulance

The man who allegedly suffered a beating at the hands of Cardi B's bodyguards following a post-Met Gala party in New York City early Tuesday morning (May 8) may not have suffered life-threatening injuries in the attack, but he was seriously hurt.

Many are expecting self-proclaimed "autograph hound" Giovanni Arnold to press charges and file a lawsuit against Cardi for her failure to keep the alleged members of her security team from pouncing on him. Arnold wound up getting into an exchange of words with Offset after the Migos rapper told him to quit with the uninvited autograph requests and step off. Offset reportedly told him "Shut up, bro, before a n***a beat you out here," which prompted Arnold to respond by inviting his camp to bring on the noise.

When the three individuals who soon exited Cardi and Offset's ride, hopped out and stepped up to Arnold, it became clear that he wasn't prepared to back up all of the tough talk. After sustaining some decent damage at the young men's fists and feet, Arnold remained on the ground and waited for an ambulance to transport him to New York Presbyterian Hospital, where he was treated for minor injuries.

In addition to the fight video, TMZ has also obtained footage of Arnold being loaded into the back of the hospital ride on a stretcher.

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