Whats Tha Purpose?

The question this Miami native rapper has everyone asking.

purposelogoRoc N' Rollies present the Miami native rapper, Purpose. As a rising hip hop recording artist, Purpose has received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and a rapid growing fan base. With over 12k views on Worldstar and Youtube, his most recent single "On My Own" has made its footprint in the music world. Purpose has released his follow up record “On The Regular” on . Listen to the club banger that’ll make you vibe. Brace yourself, this is only the pregame! whatsthapurpose

Purpose was a featured performer at the Hip Hop Weekly Interview and Soundstage during BET Hip Hop Awards weekend.  He walked the red carpet, made it through the paparazzi to the interview room before blazing the stage.  He felt it was dope to see his fans that he has been racking up nationally live and connecting with his music.

With reach to thousands over 20 different markets from Columbus, Ga to Miami, Fl to Raleigh, North Carolina.  Be on the lookout for more from Purpose, but in the meanwhile take a look at his video below!

Follow him on all social media with the handles below...
Facebook: @whatsthapurpose


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